Dakshin Dinajpur B.Ed College, the premier Post Graduate Teacher's Training College, situated at Fulbari,Gangarampur.Presently under The West Bengal University of Teacher’s Training, Educational Planning and Administration’. This College offers Training Course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Education. There are provisions of both pre-service and in-service training in the college. The College is a co-educational and non-residential institution. Situated in calm, quiet and serene atmosphere, the college enjoys the unique advantage of a peaceful academic environment. It provides ample scope for enriching the social systems with diversified cultural heritage of North Bengal and specially of Dakshin Dinajpur through proper education and training.


    The College provides a course of training for secondary school teachers and fresher candidates who desire to equip themselves with professional efficiency. It enables the prospective teachers to understand the nature, purpose and spirit of secondary education. It develops amongst teachers an understanding of the psychology of the students. The training equips the prospective teachers to acquire competencies relevant to transaction of curriculum and evaluation. It enables the teachers to make pedagogical analysis of the subjects at the secondary stage. It also enables the teachers to foster creative thinking among students and develop communication skill and use of modern information technology at the secondary stage.


    The Overall administration of the college is looked after by The West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Educational Planning and Administration, Kolkata, through the Principal of the College. Academic activities including sessional / co- curricular activities are monitored by the teacher's council. However for the interest of the training in democratic living, a major portion of the responsibilities of the administration is transferred to the Student's Union (Chhatra Samsad) in the beginning of the session.

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